Principal's Desk

I/C Principal,

Prof. P. P. Jagtap

Agri-Business is the latest growing sub-sector of India having huge business potential. Still Indian agriculture faces numerous challenges like, stability in productivity, huge post harvest losses and marginal share in world trade. Today world is rapidly changing with business environment and management technology due to globalization. As a result, Agri-Business is transforming structurally into a complex and well disciplined business. In this competitive and rapidly changing world, every resource, enterprise, organization and every project must be managed professionally in order to survive and prosper. These challenges will place unparalleled demands for the capabilities of tomorrow's managers.

Looking to these, K. K. Wagh College of Agriculture Business Management is established in the year 2011 by visionary Hon. Shri. Balasaheb Deoram Wagh (Chairman, K. K. Wagh Education Society) with a view to provide advanced Agricultural education to sons and daughters of farmers in rural area. Management committee of K. K. Wagh Education Society have been carrying the tradition with similar vision, zeal and magnitude. On account of their valuable guidance and constant encouragement college is marching and progressing towards excellence in agricultural education.

K. K. Wagh College of Agriculture Business Management offers students a unique opportunity to study various disciplines of agriculture and allied sciences and their relationship with Agri business. I strongly believe in overall growth of students to make them good human beings first and then mould them into effective Professionals and good citizens of this country

I extend a very warm welcome to all the students, specially the new entrants for their fruitful and gratifying stay here to carve a niche for themselves to excel in a career.

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