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Author Title of Paper Name of Journal/Magzine/News Paper Year, Vol. and Page No.
Prof. P. P. Jagtap & Prof. A.K. Derle "Shikshanatun Krushi Vavyastavpneche Dhade" Krushidhuth(Newspaper) & Udyojag(Magazine) August 2022, 53
Prof - P. P. Jagtap Krishi utpadanatil jokhaminche vyvasthapan Agrowon 19/11/18.
K.P. Jadhav Consequences of Adoption of Dairy Farming Practices in Tribal Areas of Surat District of Gujarat State,. Trends in Biosciences Vol.8 Issue 13 pp 3469-3471
P. P. Jagtap , S. H. Mhaisdhune U.S. Shingane price spread of dry chilli (Capsicum annum l.) in Amravati district (Maharashtra) Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing Vol.28,No.1: 89–97,2014.
P. P. Jagtap, U.S. Shingane and K.P. Kulkarni Economics of Production of Chilli in Amravati district, International Journal of Agricultural Economics Vol.2, Issue 2, Sept. 2012 – 240-243.
P. P. Jagtap and P.K. Makhre Profitability and Resource Productivity of Onion Production in Nashik district of Maharashtra. International Conference of Agricultural Economics Souvenir PP168 (Feb-2017)
P. P. Jagtap and P.K. Makhre Poultry feed Processing Industry: An Economic Analysis International Conference of Agricultural Economics Souvenir PP123 (Feb-2017)
S. J. Patil and K. P. Jadhav Status of Wine Consumption in Pune Region of Maharashtra State) Advances in Life Sciences Print : ISSN 2278-3849, pp 8283-8285, 10/2016

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